Gaelic Baby Girl Names

Fans of the green isles of Ireland may want to reflect their affinity for this island nation by selecting a Gaelic name for their new addition. Many of the names that originate from Gaelic origins are lilting and lively, with deep meaning that can help guide parents’ choices.


Just as many English names are derivatives of months or seasons, Gaelic names are sometimes pulled from the calendar. Such is the case with the name Aibreann, which is the Gaelic version of April, making it indicative of this springy month full of beauty and rebirth.


The name Caitlyn is a moniker of Gaelic origin that has seen a spike in popularity in the United States as well. This name comes from a Gaelic word meaning “pure,” making it a wise choice for your fresh-new infant.


Reflect the beauty that you hope your new daughter exudes by selecting the Gaelic name Aine. This name comes from a word meaning “radiance,” reflecting the aesthetic appeal that your child will likely possess.


If you have long dreamed of welcoming a daughter into the world, reflect this long-held hope by selecting the name Aislin. This name is a derivative of a Gaelic word meaning “dream,” indicating that long before your daughter existed, she visited your thoughts in the night.


The name Finn, which is more commonly used as a boy’s name in America, was originally used for naming baby girls born in Ireland. This name is supremely appropriate for naming a beautiful baby girl, as it comes from a Gaelic word meaning “fair.”


Reflect your love of the Earth by selecting the Gaelic name Avon for your daughter. This name comes from a term meaning “river,” making it reflective of the serene and beautiful flowing waters.


Parents who hope that their new daughter possesses leadership qualities may want to select the name Falon. This Gaelic name means “leader,” reflecting responsibility and courage under pressure.


The name Morrigan is a wise choice for parents looking for a name with a regal flair. This name comes from a Gaelic word meaning “great queen,” reflecting your soon-to-be-born baby’s superiority.



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