Strong Names for Babies

Many moms and dads hope that their new baby is strong and able to take on the challenges that fill life. A number of names from a diverse array of cultures reflect this desired strength, as strength has long been held as a virtue. By selecting one of these decidedly strong baby names, you can reflect your desire for your child to grow into a powerful and self-sufficient individual.


Brigitte is a Gaelic name perfect for bestowing upon a child that you hope possess fortitude. This decidedly Irish-sounding name is derived from a word meaning “strength.”


Parents of Germanic origin may find the name Emmett to be the perfect strength-conveying name for their soon-to-be-born sons. This name comes from a German word that means “all-containing strength.”


Parents who hope for a brave little girl should consider the name Connelly. This Gaelic name is a derivative of a word that means “valiant,” making it reflective of the courage your hope your child exhibits.


The boy’s name Galon is moniker indicative of strength. This name comes from a term that means “wave of strength,” reflecting the fact that you hope your child is able to gather strength in times of trouble.


Parents about to add boys and girls alike to their families can consider the name Tru. This Germanic name means “strength of the spear.” It is also a shortened version of the popular girl’s name Trudy.


If you hope that your daughter’s strength comes from her brains and not her brawn, the name Mena is a wise choice. This word means both “knowledgeable” and “strength,” making it indicative of mental fortitude.


The name Armstrong, is, no surprise to many, indicative of physical power. This common last name means “strong fighter” and is a great choice for a child you hope stands up for himself and his beliefs.


The German boy’s name Fortney, is a highly uncommon name selection in the U.S. This name, which comes from a word meaning “strong one,” can effectively be shortened to Fort when selecting a nickname.



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