Melissa & Dough Child-Safe Scissor Set


blog post photoIf your kids are like mine, they are fascinated with scissors and LOVE to cut. Their clothes, their dolls, their hair, furniture – everything they can get their hands on! 

Leave it to Melissa and Doug to invent the perfect child-safe pair of scissors.

These child-safe scissors are the best invention to stop the cutting madness! Perfect plastic blades that cut paper – and paper only! They won’t cut clothing, skin or hair! Try it!

They cut straight, or in zig-zags for cool designs that your kids will have so much fun with!

Also, they can be used right-handed or left-handed! Let your kid safely explore their creativity with these scissors.

Never thought you could give a 3-year-old scissors? Now you can!

Get a pair of these child-proof scissors for less than $4!



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