Is Technology Making Our Toddlers Smarter?


I remember my first time using a computer. I was in kindergarten and the one we used (although it was very high-tech at the time) is what we now consider the “stone-age” version of a computer. Yes, the ones with the black and green screen. I still remember the so-called “game” our computer teacher used to teach us the proper keyboard positioning. I was pretty good at it! 

Now, with the vast advances in technology, our kids are growing up with hand-held computers, iPad, Kindles and so forth. My toddler can fully operate my iPhone for crying out loud! And I don’t mean that she has fun playing a game I put on for her, I mean she can actually unlock my phone, find the game/book/activity she’s looking for, get into the program and entertain herself for long periods of time!

Growing up during the 90’s technology boom has definitely had an effect on my life. Ask me how to look up a book at the library using the old Dewey Decimal catalog system and I’m completely clueless, but put a computer in front of me and I’ll find you whatever you’re looking for.

What will our kids lives be like when they’re our age? I keep picturing something like the Jetsons with the high-tech house and Rosy the maid! And to be completely honest, that’s a real possibility… maybe! :)

The technology available to our kids now is mind-blowing! I can’t even begin to tell you how many apps I have on my iPhone alone that are for my toddler.

These apps, though very entertaining, also teach kids valuable skills like problem solving, math, reading, vocabulary, etc. Children are going into school now already knowing their alphabet and numbers, things that I remember learning for the first time in kindergarten. Are kids today smarter than we were at their age? My personal opinion: ABSOLUTELY!

So here’s my question, do you limit the time your kids have on the computer? Is it more to keep them entertained so you can get something done or do you try to get games that will teach your kids?

Here’s my view on things – while I do allow my daughter to use my iPhone more than I probably should, I know that she’s learning great skills with the games she’s playing. That’s my justification, she’s learning from it! Already I can see the improvement. She’s learned to recognize letters, she knows her alphabet better than she did a few weeks ago and her problem solving skills have vastly improved in a short period of time. I’ve also purchased animated books on my iPhone for her that we read together at bedtime. She’ll sit down on the couch with me and pull up her book on my phone and listen (and read along at times) to the stories.

What are your thoughts on technology and our kids? Share your views in the comment section!

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