Walt Disney World: Advice for Moms


Whether your kids are itching for a fairy tale trip or you are planning to make a their vacation dreams come true, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., may be your answer. To ensure the happiest of vacations at the happiest place on the Earth, get started with the planning now. Preparing ahead of time can ensure that all your dreams will come true.


Start your planning at the Walt Disney World Parks website, which is full of park, resort, accommodation and schedule information. This can give you an overview of the options. Order the vacation planning DVD and download maps, schedules and other information. If you have certain affiliations, you may want to look into any discounts or packages they offer. Affiliations may include military, alumni associations, AAA, banks, travel agencies and other groups.

Family Involvement

Kids are bound to be excited about your plans to visit Walt Disney World once they hear about it. Get them involved by printing out maps and lists of attractions for each child. Ask them to circle their top three to five interests. The number you let them choose should depend on how many days you are spending at the parks. Categorize the top attractions by the specific park at Disney World they are in–whether it be Epcot or Magic Kingdom or another park.


Disney World offers a number of vacation packages that can help you control your expenses. If you are worried about money hemorrhaging from your pocket once you reach the park, choose a package that includes resort accommodations, transportation to and from the airport and tickets to the parks of your choice. You can also choose a dining package that covers your meals and snacks throughout the days of your trip. You may be able to do some things cheaper. For instance, sandwiches in your room from the grocery store may be cheaper than meals in the parks. However, if you don’t want to worry about calculating expenses throughout the trip, packages can help. You can budget before you leave how much you will need for the vacation.


Start looking into accommodations and packages six to 12 months in advance to get the options you want, especially if there is a hotel or resort you really want to stay in or if you want to stay during a holiday or peak time. If your family has interest in a special experience, such as a meal with special characters or even golf, the Walt Disney World trip planning website recommends you do this six months in advance to ensure you get what you want.


To make the most of your trip, pack comfortable clothes that make walking easy. Even with the transportation between parks, you will still be doing a great deal of walking around the parks, especially if you have excited kids in tow. Walking shoes and socks and casual shirts and shorts or pants are best for trekking around the parks all day. Don’t forget your camera and at least a small wallet to keep park tickets and room keys with you. Bring your list of your kids’ attraction choices so you can check them off as you travel around the parks.



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