Good Jobs for Single Moms


Since they don’t have a constant parenting partner, working single moms must often plan their work schedules around their children’s schedules, be solely responsible for coordinating child care and be available at all times to meet the needs of their children. Jobs that allow for freedom and flexibility in scheduling, with the opportunity to earn a steady income, tend to be the best jobs for single moms.

Child Care Provider

For single working moms, working as a child care provider can kill two birds with one stone. In addition to earning a steady income, the need to find and often pay for child care can be eliminated. Single moms can work as a teacher or a teacher’s assistant at a day care, preschool or nursery school, depending on their educational background and experience. Although no formalized training is required for assistants, to work as a teacher, you may need to have a degree or specialized certification. Many day care centers and schools allow their employees to enroll their own child in the program at a significantly discounted rate, which can be a benefit to single moms. Caring for children in your own home is another job option. Because most states don’t regulate child care providers who care for a few children in their home, no specialized training or licensing is required. Working as a nanny or baby sitter are other child care jobs that may suit a single mom well. Although some employers allow their providers to bring their children to work with them, the hourly rates for providers who do are usually a bit less.

Direct Sales

Working in direct sales allows a single mom to be her own boss. Single moms can work as much or as little as they want and can plan their work schedules completely around their children’s schedules. Most direct sales occur through sales parties and catalog sales. The more parties you host, the more you typically earn. Avon, MaryKay, Creative Memories, Tupperware, Partylite and Arbonne International are reputable companies that offer direct sales opportunities.


Single moms who can effectively sell their time and skills may excel in working as a freelancer. Single moms who are writers, editors, accountants or web designers or those with administrative or data entry experience may be able to secure work as a freelancer. Single moms with special skills, such as those who are accomplished musicians, can often earn money by freelance teaching. Freelancers are their own bosses and set their own schedules and rates.



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