Job Ideas for Moms


Managing your children, career and home life can be challenging. It’s even more challenging when your job doesn’t provide the flexibility you need and you’re forced to choose between work and mom obligations and responsibilities. There are jobs that allow moms to create their own schedules and to work around their children’s schedules.

Family Daycare Provider

Becoming a family daycare provider allows you to care for other children while you’re caring for your own. Often family daycare providers operate out of their own homes, so your schedule can be as flexible as you’d like. Since most states don’t regulate family daycare providers who watch fewer than five children, you don’t need any specialized training or licensing to open a family daycare.

Direct Sales Consultant

In 2008, 15 million people were involved with direct sales, according to the Direct Selling Association. Of that 15 million, more than 86 percent were woman. From Tupperware to Mary Kay, there are many reputable companies that are direct-sales based.

Many direct sales companies require a minimum financial investment to start. This cost usually covers sample products to use for demonstrations at sales parties. With direct sales, you can host as many or as few sales parties as you’d like, and you can book your parties around your family’s schedule.

Virtual Assistant

Some companies outsource their administrative duties. Virtual assistants provide administrative support to these companies from a remote location.

Virtual assistants usually have previous administrative experience, are self-motivated and can work without supervision. Virtual assistants can work as freelancers or apply for employment with a web-based virtual assistant company.

Baby Planner

Baby planners are maternity consultants that provide guidance, resources and support to women throughout their pregnancy. Baby planners help their clients make informed choices by providing them with the latest information on pregnancy and parenting. Baby planners may assist expectant moms in a variety of ways. Services offered by baby planners include compiling a baby registry, consulting with clients about birthing options, providing customized resource lists, organizing baby showers and helping to set up the nursery. While no special training is required to become a baby planner, the International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals offers training though its Baby Planner Institute.



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