DWTS Week 6 – Get Brooke’s Glam Look!


Steven Lake and Kristin Confer are the PhDs of hair. They bring over 30 years of experience, education, and teaching to the hair industry.

Their passion and insight set this Perfect Hair Duo up for success in creating, recreating, and sharing their vision and creativity behind the chair and on set.

Week 6: How to get Brooke Burke’s DWTS glam look from THIS week’s show!

Every week on Dancing with the Stars, Brooke Burke goes from “Mom” to “Glam!” We’ve got some tips to help our modern moms recreate these looks at home.

This week we offer two variations on previous weeks:

Glam Side Pony (variation on Week 3’s Sleek Side Pony)

1. On towel dried hair, apply a smoothing product beginning with ends and ending midway.

2. Using a paddle brush, blowdry your hair completely.

3. Create a deep side part using the center of the eye as a guide.

4. Lightly spray your hair with a brushable finishing spray (Elnette).

5. Using a Mason Pearson brush, direct all of the hair over to one side, securing at the bottom side base with a snag free band (Blax) to create a low side pony.

6. Take a small piece of hair (in the pony) and wrap around the pony base and secure discreetly with a small bobby pin.

7. Lightly smooth over the ends of the pony with a light hair oil.

Extra Tip:

On layered hair, use a bobby pin to help secure the pony at the base.

Modern Rita Hayworth (variation on Week 4’s Modern Veronica Lake)

1. On towel dried hair, apply a curl activating cream or mousse from ends to scalp.

2. Using a large round brush, blowdry your hair completely.

3. Create an off-center part.

4. Set hair in hot rollers.

a. Begin at top section and roll back (away from the face) in slight diagonal away from the part; stopping at the crown.

b. On part side, roll vertically in one direction around head, away from the face.

c. Roll the section below (or nape) the opposite direction.

5. Lightly spray your hair with a brushable finishing spray and let cool for at least 15minutes.

6. Remove rollers, create off center part, and lightly brush with a Mason Pearson brush to create desired wave.

7. Pin one side back, securing behind the ear down into the nape with bobby pins.

8. Finish with a light spray shine or hairspray.

Extra Tip

Changing the side of the part (from your usual part) will create lift off the forehead, giving the Rita Hayworth look.

PhD wants to know,  “What is YOUR favorite look so far of the season?”

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