Polish Baby Girl Names

The country of Poland rests on the continent of Europe and borders the Baltic Sea. Poland is significantly different than America, so it should come as no surprise that names of residents in this land selected for their daughters differ from ones Americans traditionally select. If you want to pay homage to the country of Poland when naming your daughter, consider one of the uncommon options provided by this country.


If you, like many new parents, feel that your daughter was heaven sent, selecting the name Celestynka is an effective way to reflective this belief. This Polish name means, “From heaven,” and is often shortened to Celeste.


The Polish name Halka is derived from a word meaning “calm.” If you hope that your new daughter moves through life relaxed and content, this name may be a wise choice.


If beautiful dolphins are your creature of choice, the name Defina may be the perfect choice for your new addition. This name is the Polish version of the word “dolphin,” making your selection reflective of your favorite creature without being overly common.


The name Felicia has achieved some popularity in the United States as a female name option, but originated in Poland. This name is re derived from a Polish word that means “lucky,” making it reflective of the luck that you feel you experienced when you had your new daughter.


If you aim to raise a daughter who is honest above all, selecting the name Wera is a good start. This name comes from a Welsh word that means “sincere,” representing the value you place on honesty above all else.


If your new daughter brought light into your life, Lusia is a wise name choice. This name comes from a Polish word meaning “light,” reflecting the joy that your new daughter brought to your family


The name Ania is the Polish equivalent of the English name Grace. Selecting this allows you to reflect your hope that your daughter is graceful, yet uncommon.


Parents who value religion highly may appreciate the meaning of the Polish name Beata. This name means “blessed,” conveying your hope that your new daughter leads a fortunate life.


Parents who appreciate the beauty of the ocean may find the name Pela appropriate for their daughter. This name is from a Polish word meaning “of the sea,” tying the name to the mysterious underwater realm.



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