Valentine Day Card Ideas


While the cards you may find in the store can be pretty and offer nice sentiments, one way you can impress the people you love on Valentine’s day is to make your own cards. The cards can range from simple pieces of card stock to a more elaborate affair for that special someone in your life.

Valentine’s Scratch-Off Cards

Some people give scratch off lottery tickets as Valentine’s gifts to co-workers and acquaintances. Give the lottery ticket a more personal spin by making your own scratch-off cards. Unless you have a lot of extra cash to spare, trade in the money prizes for something small, such as a piece of cake, movie tickets or cup of coffee. Cut pieces of card stock into 3-by-5 inch rectangles, then write a prize on one side of the card. You can also write “Happy Valentine’s Day” in place of the prize. Color over the prize with a crayon. You may want to draw a heart and fill that in with the crayon to make it more festive. Decorate the rest of the card however you would like.

Cookie Cards

Invest in large heart-shaped cookie cutters. Prepare a batch of sugar cookie dough or buy the refrigerated kind. Roll out the dough, cut out with the cookie cutters, and bake. When the cookies have cooled, use a piping bag to write Valentine’s Day messages on the front of the cookies with frosting. Let the frosting set, then wrap each cookie in tissue paper and slide into a cellophane bag.

Fabric Card

Cut a large heart out of fabric or felt. Glue the heart onto a piece of card stock and trim the card stock to match the shape of the heart or to form a frame around it. Use a glitter glue pen to write a message on the front of the heart, then write a more detailed and intimate message on the card’s back.

Candy Heart Collage Card

Give a card some texture by gluing candy hearts to its front. Cut a piece of card stock so that it is 6-by-8 inches. Fold it in half and crease, and then write a Valentine’s day message inside. Pick out enough hearts to cover the front of the card. You mix and match expressions or choose the same one. Hot glue the hearts to the card and allow to dry. Make sure the person who receives the card knows not to eat the hearts.

Lacy Photo Card

Take a photo of you and your loved one. Cut a photo mat to fit around the picture or find one that is already cut to size. Glue the picture and mat to a piece of folded card stock. Use a glue stick instead of white glue, so that the picture doesn’t pucker. Cut pieces of lace to fit on the mat and glue in place with the glue stick or hot glue. Write a love note on the inside of the card.



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