Guided Meditation: Slow Down


Do you frequently feel like you are in a rush? Do you race from one thing to the next, sometimes just trying to keep your head above water. Does the chaos of life weigh down on you from time to time? This meditation is for you!

Slow Down is a meditation I particularly wanted to create because I often feel this way. Like so many I’m always hurrying trying to get everything done and take care of everyone. Even though I love my life, it is incredibly necessary for me to stop, be still, and consciously slow down. Days when I don’t create space for stillness because I think I can’t, I simply have too much going on, I always pay the price- whether it is emotional burnout, or stress buildup in my neck and shoulders. What I’m learning is that stillness is a priority for my well-being, just like healthy eating and exercise. I am responsible for taking care of myself and making it a part of my day- no one else can do it for me.

Today, it would be my honor to share a few moments of stillness with you to slow down, stop rushing, and feel grateful for this moment, for this day which is truly a miracle.

Please return to this video whenever you start to feel like you’re constantly rushing again, or always on the go, cramming huge amounts of work or activities into your day. Being still together has a great impact on our health and well-being!


From my heart with love & so much gratitude,
Wendy Irene

p.s. I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Is there a meditation you would like created to help with any area of your life or emotions you want to ease? Please let me know. You inspire me, and for that I thank you because helping by creating gives me immense joy!



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