Greek Baby Girl Names

Greece is home to one of the oldest-known civilizations, and many of the names still popular in this region have roots dating back to ancient times. If you are a fan of the natural beauty and culture of Greece, or if you are just seeking a name that is a bit different from the norm, consider selecting a Greek name for the baby that you have on the way.


While you may not be royalty, you can still give your newborn a name with a royal feel. The name Agave makes reference to a princess in Greek mythology. This name was, according to myth, originally bestowed upon the daughter of Harmony and Cadmus.


The name Evania is from a Greek word that means “serene,” making it an appropriate name for your calm, quiet daughter. This name is also a female form of the common male name, Evan.


Parents who don’t want their daughter to be a shrinking violet may want to consider the name Alcee. This name is derived from a Greek word that means “strong-willed.”


Lovers of nature and the night sky will likely appreciate the name Selene. This Greek name translates to “moon,” making it fitting for star-gazing parents.


If you hope that your daughter grows to be accepting of all, consider the name Xenia. This name, which comes from a Greek word meaning “welcoming,” is representative of these desirable characteristics.


The name Sonja comes from a Greek word meaning “wisdom.” If you want your daughter to learn and grow from any mistakes she may make or lessons she learns, this name is an appropriate choice.


Parents who want their daughters to be happy all their days should consider the name Ovelia. This Greek girls name is perfect for your bubbly child, as it means “happy and bright.”


Many fail to realize that the common name Kathryn is originally of Greek origin. This name, along with many of its spelling variations, is a version of a Greek word meaning “pure,” making it ideal for your baby girl.


Those who value honesty above all else may appreciate the name Aletha. This name is from a Greek word meaning “truth,” clearly tying it to the act of being honest and forthcoming.



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