Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece


Adding beauty to your Thanksgiving table doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming.

As you work on setting the scene for your Thanksgiving festivities, consider creating a quick-and-easy Thanksgiving centerpiece as a way to draw attention to your table center and make your dining space as aesthetically appealing as your carefully prepared food is tasty.

Farmer’s Market Baskets

Here’s what you do: Select a variety of baskets in different sizes and shapes as the foundation of your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Cluster them in the center of your table.

Place a cloth napkin featuring autumnal hues in each. Then fill each basket with a collection of apples, gourds, petite pumpkins, Indian corn or any other seasonally appropriate farm products that you have.

Pumpkin Candle Holders

Purchase several pumpkins of varying sizes. Look for pumpkins that have uncommon colors or patterns to create contrast and add excitement to your display. Cut the top out of each and core out the inside.

Leave the pumpkin exterior intact to force the light to escape from the top only, or cut small holes, petite leaves or tiny stars in the exterior to create holes that your light can filter through, casting attractive shadows on your Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Branch and Candle Display

Head out into wooded areas near your home to find a fallen branch to use in your centerpiece design. Look for a branch with a long and interesting shape that will fill your table center but not overpower the space. Spray the branch off to remove mud or dirt, if the branch you selected looks like it needs it.

Lay a runner or a layered line of napkins along your table center as part of your centerpiece. Place your branch atop this linen-covered table center. Place tea candles on and around your branch, taking care to ensure that each is seated properly and will not fall.

Light these petite candles to draw attention to your centerpiece. Create lighting perfect for the enjoyment of a Thanksgiving feast!

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