Easy Halloween Cupcake Ideas


Make the spooks and scares of Halloween a bit sweeter for your children by preparing tasty and creative cupcakes for them to enjoy. You can make your own Halloween treats using simple cupcake supplies along with a few candy accents. These treats make a great alternative to the standard pre-packaged candies.

Candy Monster Cupcakes

Make cupcake creation a spooktacularly creative process by making candy monster cupcakes. Start by baking and icing some cupcakes. Gather an assortment of candies and colored frostings, and use this collection of materials to transform the cupcake face from ordinary to extraordinary. Create a creepy witch by making black licorice hair, frosting facial features and a mole with a cut round candy. Or make a scary monster by using icing to create the illusion of fur, small candies for teeth and disk candies as large eyes.

Spider Cupcake

Top your Halloween cupcake with a creepy crawly spider. Start by baking cupcakes and icing them in white. Place a large black icing ball atop each cupcake. Use thin licorice strips to create legs that start at the black icing ball and extend off the sides of the cupcake. To make your legs look more authentic, crimp each in the middle so that it more closely resembles the jointed leg of a spider. Complete your creepy crawler with M&M eyes and fangs.

Frosting Skeleton Cupcake

Make skeleton cupcakes with only some standard frosting. Frost them with brown or black frosting. Use white icing and a thin round tip to create your skeleton outline. Draw a center line moving down the cupcake middle with legs extending off the sides and arms that flail above the figure. Place three cross hatches over your center line to resemble ribs. Finish your skeletal creation by placing a frosting oval atop the skeleton to serve as a head.

Spooky Cupcake Stand

Once you’ve made your tasty treats – make sure you show them off! As the old saying goes, “presentation is everything.” With cupcake display stands like this one from The Cupcake Tower Store, you can create a spooky display of delicious delicacies.

Find some black or orange ribbon to trim the edges of the stand and add some black tulle around the bottom for an extra scary effect. If you want to take it one step further – try draping the stand with cobwebs (fake ones, of course) before arranging your cupcakes!



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