Fun & Easy Crafts for Valentine’s Day


While you can celebrate love all year long, Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to show your loved ones how much they truly mean to you. One way you can express your love is by giving out Valentine’s Day gifts. Valentine’s Day crafts can make fitting Valentine’s Day gifts. In addition to being easy and fun to make, they will likely be cherished and loved since you made them by hand.

Valentine’s Day Wreath

You can get the entire family involved with making a Valentine’s Day wreath. Toddler-aged children and older can take turns tracing family members’ hands on red and pink pieces of construction paper. Make several tracings of each family member’s hand and then cut the hands out. Cut a large heart shape out of a piece of poster board. Draw a smaller heart inside the larger heart, and cut it out. This will leave you with a large heart cutout that will serve as the wreath support. Have everyone take turns gluing hand prints, fingers facing out, around the wreath support. Decorate the hand prints using glue and glitter or other embellishments that the children choose. To hang the wreath, punch two holes in the top, thread a ribbon through, make a large loop, and tie the ribbon in a knot.

Heart-Shaped Photo Magnet

Heart-shaped photo magnets are festive and functional. Use a wooden shaped heart or heart-shaped foam cutout as the base of your magnet. Decorate it using markers, paints, glue, heart-shaped candies and glitter. Be creative and decorate your magnet as simply or as elaborately as you’d like. Older children and adults who can write may wish to add words and phrases like “Love” or “I love you” to their magnets. If you are giving the magnet as a gift and you have a photo of yourself with the intended gift recipient, you can add that to the magnet. Cut your photo into the shape of a heart, and use a heart doily or heart-shaped stickers to decorate around the edges of your photo. To make the heart into a magnet, simply cut a piece of magnetic tape the length of your heart and stick it onto the back.

Valentine’s Placemat

Handmade placemats are practical and easy to make. To make Valentine’s Day placements, cut out two equal-sized pieces of contact paper. Two 12-by-18 inch sized pieces will work well. Place one piece of contact paper on the table so that the backing faces up. Remove the backing so that the sticky side is exposed. Place any type of flat embellishments on the paper that you wish. You can use dried red and pink flowers, heart-shaped confetti, stickers, ribbon and glitter to decorate your placement. Once you’ve added the embellishments, remove the backing from the second piece of contact paper and press it sticky side down, on top of your decorated piece. If you wish, you can cut your finished placement into the shape of a heart.



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