Office Depot Recalls Desk Chairs Due To Pinch Hazard


Realspace™ Pro 3000 Series Desk Chairs sold by Office Depot have been recalled because they pose a pinch hazard caused by an opening in the chair’s tilt mechanism. A consumer’s finger can get caught in the opening resulting in injury. So far there has been one report of injury due to the recalled product.

About 34,000 Realspace™ Pro 3000 Desk Chairs have been recalled in the United States with an additional 425 in Canada. The affected chairs, which were sold for around $170, have a manufacture date between March 2009 and May 2011, listed in Year/Month/Date format (e.g. date code 20100712 represents July 12, 2010). The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada recommend that consumers stop using the recalled product immediately unless otherwise instructed. 

If you have one of these chairs, contact Office Depot’s recall hotline using the P.O. number found on the underside of the chair to receive a free repair kit which includes a cover for the tilt mechanism. Consumers can also contact Office Depot toll-free at (855) 259-5093, or visit the company’s website.



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