Bridgeway Bicycles Recalled


Riding a bicycle can already be dangerous enough!

Bridgeway International of Naples, Florida has issued a recall on their “NEXT”-branded men’s 26-inch hybrid bicycles. Around 91,000 bicycles have been recalled due to a faulty chain that can break, causing a rider to lose control and fall off of the bike.

There have been 11 incident reports, 9 of which include laceration and contusion injuries.

The Bridgeway bicycles are red or orange. “Power X” and “Suspension” are printed on the frame. The recall includes bicycles with the model numbers LBH2611M and LBH2611M2. The model number can be located on the frame between the pedals.

The bicycles could be found at Walmart stores from February 2011 through July 2011. If your bicycle is included in this recall, stop use immediately and contact Bridgeway International for a free repair.

For additional information, contact Bridgeway International at (877) 934-3228 anytime or visit the firm’s website.



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