No Time for Stress


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I knew we had a lot of stuff but as we pack I am realizing just how much we have.  It is overwhelming really.  As my mind wanders while I wrap our glasses in paper and quickly glance to think about what should stay and what should go, it hits me.  There is no time for those decisions.  It is down to the wire.  The 2 choices at this point seem to be either 1- everything goes or 2- nothing goes.

The second option in some ways is very appealing.  Beginning in a new home with a fresh start.  A blank canvas.  The fact that leaving it all behind is appealing reconfirms what I already know in my heart to be true; too much stuff is not a good thing.

My family and I are planning to move to Northern Idaho in only a few short days.  The time from when things were finalized with my husband’s new job to now happened very quickly.  When the moving company dropped off the 8 week countdown check list I couldn’t help but laugh.  We don’t even have 8 days!

Have I mentioned my husband is only going to be home from work 1 day before the movers come to load the truck with our pre-packed house?  I can’t help but wonder will it actually be done in time???  I’ll be sure to let you know.

Today someone said to me “You’re pretty calm for someone who is moving in a couple of days.”  Either I’m getting better at stressing less, or I’m so overwhelmed I don’t even know what thing to be stressed about.

We are planning on renting until we get a better feel for the new area before we consider buying.  At this point I’m not sure my heart can take doing it all over again in a couple months, but I am hoping once we are there my energy will be renewed.

One thing I am really looking forward to in Idaho is beautiful snowy winters.  I love the magic of a snowfall.  My heart feels light just thinking about it.  This is what I am going to think about as I pack.  All that I am excited about.  We are so fortunate to have the blessed lives we do, and that includes a houseful of belongings and memories to bring with us.  I am really excited for a new adventure with my husband and little ones. 

Words cannot describe what it means having them by my side.  Now if only I could get them to stop jumping on and bending all the boxes! :0)

p.s. Environment I am truly sorry for all the paper plates and plastic utensils that are piling up in our garbage.  I pinky-swear I won’t let it last for long!

♥With Love,
Wendy Irene



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