Fall Preschool Games


Fall-themed games help tie in the season in an entertaining format for preschool kids, allowing them to explore many autumn elements as they play. The games work well in an actual preschool classroom or at home. Many fall games include an educational aspect without being boring. If the games become too easy for your child, add other elements to make them more challenging.

Fall Sorting

Many fall objects work well as the basis of a sorting game. Leaves are readily available in most areas. Let the kids help gather fall leaves in different sizes, shapes and colors. You can also cut out leaves from colorful construction paper. To play the game, the kids sort out the leaves based on their characteristics. Other objects also work for the sorting game, including acorns, pine cones, fall vegetables or fall shapes cut from paper.

Vegetable Guessing Game

Fall is harvest time for many vegetables. For an interactive vegetable experience, gather several vegetables for the kids to explore. Show each vegetable to the kids so they identify the shape and size. Place each vegetable in its own bag. The kids take turns reaching inside the bag and gently feeling the vegetable. They then guess what the vegetable is.

Apple Number Match

Apples are another staple during the fall months. Cutouts of apples become the playing pieces for this game. Each apple needs a matching apple card. On one apple, write a number. On the matching apple shape, draw in that number of seeds. The kids match up the number apple with the apple containing the same number of seeds. Lowercase and uppercase letters written on apples offer another variation of this game.

Leaf Toss

Felt, beans and hot glue are needed to create homemade beanbags for this preschool game. Cut two identical leaves from felt for each beanbag. Apply a line of hot glue around the edge of one leaf, leaving a gap to add the beans. Immediately place the second leaf on top of the hot glue to secure them together. Pour the beans through the opening and hot glue the hole closed.

The kids take turns tossing the leaf beanbags toward a target. A basket or small barrel works well as the target. For more of a challenge, place several targets on the floor at varying distances.



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