Screw New Year’s Resolutions!


Screw New Years Resolutions! I am starting mine right now!!!

It’s easier to stay out of trouble then to get out of trouble!  Bad habits are meant to be broken, but why wait until January 1st to make changes in your life?

A journalist recently asked me what this year’s New Year’s resolutions will be. My life is far from perfect and I totally have my share of flaws, but I never use that holiday to kick start a new phase in my life. I get ready for the upcoming year with a set of goals and life accomplishments that I hope to achieve.  Truthfully, today is as good as any to take a good look inside and give yourself some room to grow, dream and conquer personal wishes.  I wrote a bucket list several years ago and I am still working to knock out many of my goals. I encourage everyone to write their own – simply putting the pen to paper is the first step to getting somewhere.

One thing that I set out to do this year and have yet to accomplish is learning to speak French.  I promised David that the kids and I would learn and it is so important to him.  Time got the best of me, it’s been a super busy year.  But I will do it and I am starting this week, no excuses.  I have my Rosetta Stone ready to go and I will hire a tutor for the kids and I to learn together.

Fitness seems to be at the top of the list for many when January rolls around.  I decided to eat myself into a food coma and then drown in too many spirits over Thanksgiving break…so fun! But now I’m back on track and being pretty strict to balance out the decadence of the holidays. In fact, I just shot a commercial for the Malibu Pilates Pro chair.

It’s the time of year to enjoy, break the rules and celebrate.  Unfortunately, that means lots of parties, alcohol and too many sweets.  To survive the holidays, here’s what I am doing:

  • Tons of water with lemon all day long, only water!



  • Lunch is protein (meat or fish), salad and veggies


  • I’m replacing my afternoon latte with green tea.


  • I’m trying to drink alcohol only on the weekends (you know I love my wine, so this is my toughest challenge).


  • Some nights, I replace dinner with a healthy bowl of cereal, which I really enjoy.


  • I make tons of soup over the holidays which is great because a bowl of soup makes a complete healthy meal any time of day. I love chicken matzo ball soup and lentil soup.


  • Dinner is carb-free but satisfying, with delicious meat or fish and lots of veggies. I am obsessed with kale and my kids love it. Check out how to make my favorite crunchy kale chips.


  • As always, I try to eat fresh colorful foods.  Eating the colors of the rainbow is still  a great family visual aid for healthy eating. No packaged and as little frozen food as I can manage in my busy household.


  • Small smart meals are the way to go.  When you eat often, you are less hungry and able to make better choices.


  • Lastly, I increase my cardio and make sure I work out five days a week.  I have to, in order to keep my energy up, my body feeling good and my head in the right place. I love being able to work out smart and get it done at home. My workout DVD that you can do at HOME is  ready !

Tone & Tighten and Strengthen & Condition

I like to enjoy and splurge a little, but I make up for it by staying on track most of the week.  I have always said that balance is bull – but when it comes to health and fitness, it proves to be true.



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