The Irrational Side of Fear


Fear. Why is it a part of our lives?

Fear for many reasons is not rational. We are using our energy in a negative way. What we fear is not actually happening to us. I have struggled with fear and anxiety in my own life. I know now that you can step behind the fear, observe it, and consciously understand that what you fear is not happening so it loses its grip on you.

Thoughts are powerful. Thoughts of fear are powerful and they create more fear. To be the watcher of your thoughts, step behind them, and be able to see and observe what you are feeling, is the essence of living consciously and living in the now. When you can observe what you are thinking, and become aware when your thoughts are not rational, and not productive, they lose their potency. In this way you can be fully present.

There are many lessons I want to teach my children. One of my greatest challenges is teaching them in a way that they will understand. For example, my son fears bumble bees. Sometimes this fear can really get him upset. At the same time he is not actually being stung or hurt by a bee even though the negativity his mind creates can have a powerful effect on him. Being able to stay present and to understand that fear is not who we are is the best tool we have. So how do I express that to a 5 year old?


There is a difference between fear, and following your instincts or having the knowledge of the consequence to an action. I do not intentionally try to touch bees, hold them, or swat at them because I know the consequence is that I may get stung. However, I do not fear them. Fear can enter the equation unnecessarily at times, and create stress that is not only unproductive, it is harmful.

The biggest realization I have about fear is- if it is not happening right now, why am I afraid of it?

Next time you feel fear ask yourself that question. It is a quick and effective way to step behind the fear, realize it’s irrational, and move on in a more positive light.

If you have any tips for me on how to express that better for young children to understand, please do share! It is the challenge I am currently working on to be a good teacher to my little ones.

Have a beautiful day, friends! ?

p.s. my son said he does like bees a tincy bit because they make honey for us, and that is really nice of them! :)



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