How to Decorate and Accessorize a Bathroom


Bathrooms can seem difficult to decorate. They are tiny closets of rooms that don’t offer much leeway, as they are filled with immovable fixtures. That bath, shower, sink and toilet are in place. You can’t rearrange them, like the furniture in other rooms. Focus on bringing bright, fresh color and themes into the room. Think of decorating your room vertically, emphasizing how much space you have overhead.

Step 1

Choose a shower curtain. This will become the centerpiece of your bathroom, so choose one you love. Look for a shower curtain with small patterns, preferably stripes or other patterns that run vertically. Vertical lines lengthen your room vertically, giving the illusion of more room. Don’t choose one large picture that will cramp or overwhelm the room. Think of the shower curtain as the mural of the room.

Step 2

Purchase towels and rugs that match the colors of the shower curtain. Keep the walls a cool, neutral color, and use the towels and rugs to add splashes of color. For instance, you can keep the walls white and add blue towels and rugs. If you want to paint, you can choose a pale blue or pastel yellow with bright green or red towels.

Step 3

Hang the largest mirror you can that fits above the sink. The reflective nature of the mirror can scatter light around the room, making it feel bigger, fresher and cleaner. Mirrors also reflect the colors you have chosen to showcase in the room, doubling the decorations. Surround the mirror with a bright or coordinating frame, for a polished look. When you frame the mirror, it becomes a finished decoration, rather than a practical piece.

Step 4

Hang white or metallic hangers and rods to hold your towels, robes and other items. Bathrooms tend to have lots of room vertically but can be tight at waist and eye level. Hang robe hooks just above eye level to focus on the vertical aspect of the room, and let robes hang long.

Step 5

Purchase accouterments, such as soap and toothbrush holders and a trashcan, that match the theme of the bathroom. Keep them simple and understated. Choose neutral colors and simple patterns that will settle into the theme without fighting for attention.



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