Guided Meditation for a Tough Day


Hello friends! Before I get to today’s post, I want to wish you a Happy August!! I also wanted to let you know I’ll be taking some time off this month to unplug and enjoy quality time with my family before school starts up again. I’ll be taking off next week August 4th – 10th. Following that week, I will be posting again for a week, after which I’ll take one more week off, August 18th – 24th.  I hope this month brings you many joyful summer moments and I want you to know I so appreciate you hanging in there with me. Looking forward to seeing you again with a new post on Tuesday, August 13th. Thank you tremendously, for all your love and support!

This summer I had a tough couple of days. My go to response in order to help myself heal is to get quiet and still with meditation. Meditation can aid in healing whatever situation you may be dealing with in your life. Meditation is there for you to draw on in both the good times and the bad. I have found in my own life, the more space I create through meditation the more good and happiness there is in my life and the faster I heal from the challenges.

Sending compassion and love your way! Remember it is OK to feel exactly what you are feeling. This guided meditation is here for you whenever you need it. No matter what wave of emotion you are on, know that peace and love always exist within you.

Join me in this guided meditation to fill yourself with warmth and light.

With love, compassion, gratitude & peace,

Wendy Irene

See you Tuesday, August 13th!



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