Group Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween gives you a chance to show off your creativity by creating a one-of-a-kind costume. A group costume works well for a family, colleagues or group of friends who want a themed costume. Group costumes offer more possibilities than a single costume because you can include several different related characters or components.

Medical Staff

The staff of a medical center gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to costumes and the number of people involved. Nurses and doctors are the two easiest costumes to create for a medical staff. You can also have some people dress as patients with various ailments if you want more variety. Look for scrubs and other clothing that resembles medical uniforms at thrift stores. If you know anyone in the medical profession you might be able to borrow some gear. Costume shops are another option for purchasing an actual doctor or nurse costume.

Pac-Man Characters

The shape of Pac-Man is simple to recreate on a large sheet of cardboard. Paint the cardboard to add more details. The shape of the ghosts is also fairly simple. Cut out as many ghosts as you need so each person has a costume. Loops of string attached to the back of the cutouts go over the shoulders to hold the costume in place. You can also do two large cardboard cutouts for each costume, one for the front and one for the back, with string attaching the two sides.

School of Fish

A school of fish is another group costume idea that works with as many people as you have in the group. Each person needs two fish cutouts from cardboard or poster board with string attaching the two pieces. The strings go over the shoulders to hold on the fish. Attach the nose and tail ends of the fish around your body. For more detail, add creative elements to identify the type of fish. For example, a person dressed as a clown fish might wear a clown nose, clown wig and face paint along with the fish cutout. This allows more of an actual costume rather than just a cardboard cutout attached around the body.


The superhero idea allows each person to dress up as her favorite hero. Many stores sell superhero costumes in both child and adult sizes, so this idea also works well for a family. For more customization, create your own superheroes. Use items you have around the house to create a costume. All you need are leggings, a tank top and a blanket for a cape.



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