Tips on Wrinkle-Free Packing


Travel brings plenty of stress. From rushing to catch your flight to worrying about having everything you need, there is plenty to stress about when you take a trip, whether the trip is for business or for pleasure. Relieve some of the stress by reducing and eliminating wrinkles in your clothes. No matter what happens in the course of your travel, you can relax knowing that your clothes are ready to go.

Choose Them

When you get ready to pack clothes, choose clothes that are created with wrinkle-free fabrics. As stress-free traveling becomes more important, clothes manufacturers are creating more wrinkle-free items. You can ask representatives at your favorite department stores or clothing boutiques to lead you to the travel-friendly, wrinkle-free items. These clothing items tend not to absorb the wrinkles, even when you fold them. Instead, the fabric elements bounce back to straight, clean lines when unfolded. If you have money in your budget, you might want to invest in a traveling wardrobe that you pack and wear when you are out of town.

Roll Them

To reduce the chances of wrinkles, your best bet is not to create folds at all. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them. If you have to fold a piece of clothing, such as the sleeves of a blouse, fold them along a seam, where the wrinkle won’t be as visible. After folding the blouse sleeves, pointing them toward the middle of shirt, you can roll it into a cylinder or tube shape and lay it in your luggage. You can fold pants in half and roll them. When you get to your destination, you can simply unroll your clothes and hang them in the closet.

Lay Them

Once you fill your bag with rolled clothes, you can lay some items on the top. Squished against the side of the bag, these items will remain wrinkle-free throughout your trip. This works well for bulky items, such as sweaters and jackets, that cannot be easily rolled. Before you zip your bag, lay the sweater or other item on top of the others and close the bag.

Cover Them

Don’t let your items press and move against each other, causing unwanted folds. Place each rolled or laid item in a plastic bag. Plastic grocery bags or trash bags work well to protect clothes from each another. You can also tuck smaller items, such as lingerie in resealable plastic bags. The plastic bags also keep your clothes from moisture and water.



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