Even the Tooth Fairy Needs a Break

My baby lost his first tooth last night.  In the chaos and excitement, I put the little tooth in a baggie and set it down on the counter so later that night we could put it under his pillow.  Unfortunantly, while in a rush to clean the kitchen I forgot that the baggie held something precious and promptly threw it away. Have you ever tried to explain to a five-year old that you accidentally threw his tooth in the trash?  I love Finn to death, but my days of digging in the outside garbage can for teeth, retainers, pacifiers, and any other item other than my keys or cell phone, are over.  With a lot of convincing I told him that we could write a note to the Tooth Fairy and she would still come.  He looked at me a little skeptically, but I assured him she would still come.With his letter tucked under his arm, I took his little hand in mine and we headed upstairs.  Inside I was savoring the mommy moment of a crisis avoided.  Little did I know, at the top of the stairs I would come face to face with the mutiny of “The Tooth Fairy Did Me Wrong” gang. All at once the disgruntled voices started shouting. Looking at their angry faces I thought the only thing missing from this mob were protest signs with baby teeth drawn all over them.  Can someone please tell me why at 9 pm on a Sunday night my children have suddenly decided to revolt against the Tooth Fairy?   “You know one time I had to wait five days before the tooth fairy came to see me” said one of the girls.   “That’s nothing”, shouted the other, “she didn’t come for twenty days to get mine”.   “And how come Daly got $3.00 for his tooth and I only got two quarters?  What does she like boys better than girls?” asked my curious child. I tried to explain that due to inflation the price of a tooth has gone up.  My oldest, in her second year of high school, was quick to point out that since we are in a recession the price paid for a tooth should have gone down.  I suggested that maybe the Tooth Fairy was a few days late because a whole bunch of kids lost their teeth at the same time. As captain of this ship, I decided to put an end to the mutiny.  “Can we please lay off the tooth fairy? She is doing the best she can!”   The mob broke up and went to their rooms.  They each share a room, so as they walked off with their roommate I could still hear the grumblings. Finn looked totally bewildered.  “Is she going to come see me?  Am I going to get a dollar?”   After lots of promises and reassurances all was quiet again. I went downstairs and found myself still thinking about the Tooth Fairy.  My heart really goes out to her.  When you think about it, she has a really tough job and I don’t think anyone appreciates it.   Think about it.  That poor girl does all the work alone.  Her friend Santa Clause has Mrs. Clause to feed him and help him pack for his long journey.  I am sure she makes sure that he gets his rest the night before and as he finishes visiting all the good boys and girls all over the world on Christmas Eve, I am sure Mrs. Claus is waiting at the door for him when he gets home.  What a comfort for him as he heads down the final stretch of dropping off gifts to know that she is waiting for him with a nice meal and warm cup of cocoa.   In all the pictures I see of the Easter Bunny, there is Mrs. Bunny hopping down the trail with him.  I bet she even carries a basket of eggs to help lighten his load.  And not, for both of these guys it is a once a year trip.  But the tooth fairy, who does she have?  Have you ever seen or heard of a Mr. Tooth Fairy?  Poor woman flies around all year and doesn’t have anyone that we know of waiting for her or helping her.  The woman never has a day off, kid’s loose teeth every day of the year.   We leave cookies and milk out for Santa Clause and we leave carrots out for the Easter Bunny to snack.  What do we ever leave for the Tooth Fairy?  Nothing.  When is the last time you left something out for her?  The more I think about it the more I think the next time someone in my house loses a tooth I might leave a glass of wine out for her.   Sometimes when she comes to our house she leaves a trail of glitter.  At first I thought it was so sweet and magical.  Now I think I understand why she leaves the glitter.  That poor girl is so busy flying all over the world, gathering lost teeth and leaving money, she probably has no time for herself.  She is not leaving a trail of glitter.  Her once pretty fairy dress is probably torn and as she flies around bits of it fall apart in the form of glitter.  That girl just needs a little TLC and someone to remind her to take some time and do something nice for herself.  So yes kids, maybe at times the Tooth Fairy is a little late in picking up those precious baby teeth.  Not because she doesn’t love you or care about you, perhaps at times she is a bit frazzled and a little overwhelmed.  I would bet anything though, if you asked her, she would tell you she wouldn’t trade her job for anything.  But maybe every once in a while you could leave her a little something nice just to say thanks.



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