The Most Miraculous Show on Earth!


The book Self-Care for Life opened my eyes to something incredibly awe-inspiring. We all have available to us daily the most spectacular show on Earth. Here is a hint- it’s not on TV!

The rising and setting of our sun.

The passage immediately struck me because I realized its great truth, and how often I’ve taken this gift for granted. It is so simple and profound.

Memories of one of my favorite movies came flooding to my head – City of Angels. The angels would gather each day at the ocean beach and watch the stunning spectacle of our sun. I couldn’t help but wonder why we don’t make time for that more often?

“Unwind at the end of the day by watching the sunset. Enjoy the wash of colors, the slow ebb from day into night. Each day we are treated to this miraculous visual display, and it’s absolutely free.”
~Self-Care for Life p.182

The glorious sunsets in Idaho are the focus of many of my photos, but until now it never occurred to me to watch the breathtaking fall of our one sun as a daily ritual. It is much more beautiful and meaningful than any show I’ve seen on TV, so why not allow its inspiring beauty into your life more often?

What a great open-eyed meditation, the rise and fall of the sun! A time to be grateful for the gift of your life, a time to set your intentions of love for the day, and feel your connection to all that is. The sun blesses us each and every day with its light. So too can we bless the world with ours.

Absorb the light and beauty of the sun. Let is raise your level of vibration on this magnificent planet, and spread that light into the world throughout your day.



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