Ladies, Is It Really Possible to Stop Hating Our Bodies?


Do you think it is possible to love your body, ALL of your body? It seems as though we all have areas of our body we are not fond of or even worse hate. Read any fashion magazine and they will tell you to accentuate the areas of your body that you like, and downplay your “problem areas.” Is accepting that is the best we can do really good enough? Should we be having negative thoughts towards our bodies at all?

I personally don’t know of a single person who is 100% happy with their body, myself included. Fortunately, now in my thirties I am much more comfortable in my own skin than I was as a teenager. Sad, isn’t it? How teen girls have so many deep negative feelings towards their bodies, and also ironic because our problem areas seem to grow for most of us as we age.

I wonder, is it possible to be so kind and loving towards ourselves that we actually don’t dislike any part of our body? The strange part is it is really hard for me to imagine not disliking anything about my body. It seems so foreign.

If as women we can actually overcome this strong dislike towards our bodies, what impact do you think it would have on our daughters, and younger generations of girls? We have been hating ourselves, and our bodies for way too long! There are countless reasons for why this has been going on, but the reality is WE have to stop it if we don’t want it to continue. The power is within each one of us, and the sooner we all accept and love our bodies, the better off we all will be, especially our girls. Can we do it? Can we stop wasting our energy hating anything about our body?

What I know for me personally is that exercise and yoga help me to love and appreciate my body more even though it is not perfect. Imagine what it would be like to feel complete gratitude for your body, only love, and absolutely no hate. To treat your body like the gift it is. I imagine it would be life transforming.

Can we start this journey together? Can we stop being so negative to our bodies so the younger generations of girls can stop too?

It starts with us. We set the example. I know this much for sure, I want my daughter to love and appreciate every part of her lovely, unique, precious body and never waste one second of her time or energy hating it.

Love is the answer, even when it is the hardest kind to give, self-love.



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