The Truth About My Sister, Rachel


One of my favorite things about living is learning from others. The lessons surround us and are ours for the taking. When I was a young teen my sister, Rachel, taught me a valuable lesson that is imprinted on my soul.


One Christmas Rachel told our parents that instead of receiving any gifts, she would like the money to be donated to an animal shelter. A very remarkable deed for a young girl growing up in our materialistic society. Rachel has one of the biggest hearts around. In that moment I received a gift- a truly pure glimpse into her heart.

Rachel is especially in touch with the souls of animals. Something that was very apparent early on. In fact, I suspect she sees them as more than merely animals, she sees them as beings. They are her and she is them. It is a union many of us are not bravely open enough to fully understand.

Rachel is the courageous girl who asked the boy everyone is ignoring at the school function to dance. She has taught me a great many lessons. She accepts and loves me even though I subjected her to some pretty crazy things as children- such as making her wipe her feet off before climbing into my bed :0)



I feel truly blessed Rachel is in my life. I thought it about time I finally write that down.

Happy Birthday!!! I love you eternally, Rachel!

You are an amazing mother, sister, woman, soul ?

Your beauty shines from the inside out?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! I’ve decided to join Twitter @Wendy_Irene if you would like to keep in touch with me there. It is even more fun than I was expecting ?



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