Romantic Bedroom Decorating Tips


Many people tend to overlook their bedroom decor, as it is rarely seen by anyone other than its occupants. Your bedroom is actually one of the most important rooms in your home, as you spend a great deal of time there. The bedroom is the first and last thing you see each day, and it should serve as a relaxing retreat. Set the scene for an evening of romance every night by decorating your bedroom with romance in mind.


Warm colors tend to create a romantic ambiance more so than cool colors. Use a color scheme in your bedroom that adds some spice to your relationship. Red and pink are the obvious choices, although pink may be too feminine or red too bold. Incorporate the colors into a neutral color palette if you don’t want too much pink or red, or opt for another warm color. Peach, buttery yellow or burnt orange are warm colors that can still heat up your room.


Add romantic touches to a decorating style that you feel comfortable in. Many people consider Victorian decor or French country to be romantic, but those styles don’t work for everyone. It is possible to have a romantic bedroom if you prefer traditional, modern or eclectic decorating styles. Your bedroom won’t feel romantic if it’s decorated in a style you aren’t comfortable with.


An ornate bed will anchor your bedroom, as that is likely where most of your romance will be focused. Four poster wood beds with a matching mirrored dresser, dressing table and bench or love seat at the foot of the bed is one option. Dramatic padded headboards work with modern decor. Scrolling wrought iron is another option that works with eclectic, antique or country cottage decorating styles.

Installing a canopy if your bed doesn’t have one can instantly create a romantic feel in the room. Use gauzy, see-through materials to enclose the bed space or luxurious fabric to drape above and behind the bed.


Luxurious-feeling bedding will add to the romantic ambiance you want to create. Some people prefer silk or satin sheets, while others prefer high thread count cotton sheets. Alternate between different materials or stick with the one you and your partner prefer. Thick and fluffy bedding, such as down comforters, can contribute warmth and a comfortable layer to cuddle beneath.

Toss heart-shaped pillows on the bed or an armchair. Pile pillows on the bed that complement your bedding.

Hang luxurious curtains or drapes that complement your bedding. Consider thick curtains if you hear a lot of outside noise to muffle distracting sounds or black-out curtains to control the light if you enjoy sleeping in together on weekends.


Accessories can pull the room together and put finishing touches on your decor. Make a heart out of silk rose buds and frame it. Put your overhead light on a dimmer to avoid harsh lighting, which can make the room feel cold and devoid of romance. Bedside lamps with dimmers will give you more control over lighting. Add a plethora of scented candles on the nightstands and dresser to light when you and your partner are in an especially romantic mood. Include scented potpourri or an automatic air freshener if you don’t care for candles.

Hang images or art on the walls that contribute to your romantic bedroom. This might be images of beaches, rolling fields, flowers or erotic art, depending on your taste. Fresh flowers or silk flower arrangements can sit on the dresser or nightstand, as well.



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