Are You Email or Phone Call?


With technology, it’s easy to “connect” with a buyer and make a pitch but if you only use email, can you really build a relationship? I don’t think so.
Since I started my business in 1993, and emails were not as commonplace as the phone, I was able to build some long lasting business relationships that I still have today. On the phone, it’s really a connection, you hear the voice & especially the tone. Email can be dangerous sometimes if you don’t know the personality of the other person. Some people’s sarcasm can come across as rudeness in an email. On the phone you can have banter and chit chat much easier and more genuinely. So, while I too tend to want to just shoot off an email to someone, I know that I will feel better if I at least follow up by phone and try to make a more personal connection. Business is all about relationships. Take the extra little step and see if it doesn’t make you feel a little more connected, a little more understanding of the concerns of the buyer, a little more willing to accomodate…and a little closer to getting to know someone else in your industry.



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