“Thank You” Goes A Long Way


I sat in Friday night traffic for an hour dropping my oldest daughter off at a sleep over last week. Upon arrival I turned to give her a hug and kiss goodbye, “Call me if you need anything” I said. But poof, she was gone before I could complete my sentence. 

No “Thanks Mom.” No kiss goodnight…Nada, but what else is new.  I said to myself, it was nice driving ya; let me know if you will need my chauffer services anytime in the near future.  “Have a good night”, I yelled as she bolted down the hall. 

Just moments before as we were walking out of a coffee shop, TMZ was there.  The videographer asked me what he should get his mom for Christmas.  Hoping my tween was listening, I said, “Take her out to dinner, spend some time with her, tell her you love her and tell her THANK YOU.”  As I thought about my own wishes for this holiday, they weren’t far off.

“Thank you” goes a long way. It’s often used in my household, but seldom heard.  I guess that goes a long with the territory of being a parent.  Still that is not the correct lesson so I am constantly, though not successfully, on my children about being appreciative.

That night I had a super corny moment as I was reflecting on this year’s blessings.  I always do that this time of year.  I was overwhelmed this night with gratitude and appreciation for being able to go into this holiday season with happiness and a full heart.  I sat down at my computer to write a letter to my family for no other reason than knowing that there are too many thoughts and feelings never shared with each other.  I wanted to share my insights, praise all of them and I wanted to tell them in writing how much I adore them.  I was totally aware that they might not appreciate any of my adorations until they are parents themselves, but I knew my husband would.  Truth is that we are so lost in organizing everyone’s life and responsibilities that sweet words sometimes get lost in the shuffle. 

So I wrote and saved a love letter to my family and listed all my favorite things about each of them. I didn’t think about what I don’t get back from my kids, I enjoyed the details of moments when they make me smile, force me to grow and challenge my truths. 

I saved the letter and will share it with them at some appropriate time.   I really enjoyed writing it.  I think capturing those kinds of moments whether they’re to share or revisit is important.  It’s the less desirable experiences as a parent that needs to be shifted by remembering the joyful ones.  I am sure my letter will only echo the sentiment of what is in my heart for my children.  I figure if I tell them often enough they will hopefully feel the value of positive words.  This time of year when everyone is giving, most kids are receiving and thank you is more important then ever!



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