Milla Jovovich Gets Her Priorities Straight: Daughter Goes Above All Else


While pregnant with daughter Ever, 2, Milla Jovovich gained 70 pounds! Instead of rushing to take the baby weight off as many Hollywood mamas tend to do, Milla took a healthier, steadier approach. She tells the Chicago Sun-Times, “it took a year to put on that weight and a year to take it off.”

 Milla even admits that she didn’t want to lose too much weight. “The rule when you get older, it really is a choice between your ass and your face,” she says. “It’s a little cellulite on the booty or you look like a hag. As you get older, you need a little weight on your face to look better and younger.”

 Besides, Milla says, body image issues are not her priority now.

“Your first concern is your child over your own life, career or all your insecurities,” she says. “What could be worse than having your baby get sick? There is nothing worse than worrying about her if she falls. As long as she’s ok, then everything else in my life is so easy” Milla admits.

Milla has definitely gained a true mom mentality!



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