Carnival in Merida


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Blaring… earsplitting…cacophonous.., deafening… booming..! Only a few words to describe the parade of de los ninos, which kicks off Carnival.

Every little group of children (and believe me there were hundreds of them) was preceded by a truck, blaring out music from enormous speakers loaded on the tailgate.  They were all playing different tunes at the same time and the crowd was going wild, clapping and dancing and shrieking away. Also there was a constant primal drumming sound adding to the mix.  I am convinced that the best possible, most lucrative job in Mexico is being an Ear nose throat doctor. All of the stores boom out thunderously loud music and it is a mystery how any business gets done because you can’t hear a dam thing anyone is saying.  (How old do I sound?) And you think Americans are packing…holy cow these Mexican cops start the parade by clearing the streets and they are carrying pistols on their hips and legs and machineguns to boot!  And this was only the kiddie parade! The police presence is very evident so no wonder Merida is such a safe city…

Next up… for the Friday night parade, even more cops and more firepower.  We were served a table outside, right on the parade route and watched it, all while imbibing some brewskees and munching on appetizers.  It was great fun and even I, found myself on my feet grooving to the music and getting caught up in the spirit of it all.  At one point when they were chucking stuff off the floats I got smacked in the glasses with a caramel but no harm done I just stuffed it in my mouth and kept on dancing! The parade was all pandemonium and wonderful to experience.

Tonight will be more beer and more carnival and then we need to go and have a holiday from all this reveling!  Aaron has booked us into a place on the beach right down on the Belize border.  It has great fishing and diving.  Swell… my two favorite things!  Not… Also we had to go to Wal-Mart this morning to buy mosquito spray…oh lord… wasn’t I the person that said at one point Aaron was no longer allowed to be first captain first pick?  The place went from being $ 130.00 per night to $50.00 because there is no one there so who knows what is in store…..Adios

Lots of the crowd was in costume

Homeland security plus

Big crowds for the kiddie parade


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