Decorating Ideas for a Wall-Mounted Television


A wall-mounted television can make watching your favorite shows enjoyable; however, it can also be an eyesore. Find ways to decorate your wall-mounted television so that it will become the focal point of your room. Decorating your wall-mounted television will make it look like a piece of art rather than just a black rectangle hanging on the wall.

Use Floating Shelves

Add floating shelves to display your decorative items. Place a floating shelf on top, below and at each side of your wall-mounted television that you can use to display speakers, photo frames, knickknacks, DVD collections or books. Putting an empty horizontal floating shelf painted in dark chocolate or black below the television will evoke a minimalist style. Floating shelves can fill the void around the wall-mounted television, especially if you have an expansive wall.

Cover with Painting or Photograph

Camouflaging is something you can do to hide and decorate your wall-mounted television. Choose an oil painting or photograph that is large enough to cover the front of your wall-mounted television. Some companies specialize in installing cover-ups for televisions by creating a hole on the wall deep enough to hold the plasma television. The wall-mounted television will hang recessed or flushed into the wall. Then, hang the painting or photo from the top that will flip up when you want to watch and will flip down when you have finished watching. Camouflaging works best if the exposed television does not go well with your design style.

Display Collectibles

Surrounding the wall-mounted television with collectible artworks will make your television a focal point. For example, placing a set of Samurai swords on top of the television and a pair of Samurai masks on each side will show your guests your penchant for Samurai items. Decorating your wall-mounted television with the items you love allows you to enjoy these items while you watch your favorite shows.

Mirror Surround

Add depth by surrounding your wall-mounted television with mirrors. Hanging a series of identical mirrors designed with a complementary style to your overall design scheme will make the look visually appealing. Opting for mirrors with clean lines will keep the look simple, so that the mirrors will not interfere with TV viewing.

Add Frame

Make your television look like a framed painting by mounting it flushed on the wall. Framing the wall cutout will give it a finished look. Choose frames to complement your style; for example, an ornately carved gilded frame will do well in a modern Baroque design style, while metallic, sleek frames with clean lines will do well in a contemporary, minimalist style.



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