The Cells of Life



When you think of the universe, or what you may call God, what do you see? More importantly, what do you feel? I like to think of us all as cells. Cells in the body of God. Each one of us with a function. Each one of us carrying inside of us the whole, the DNA.

How much baggage we carry along with us in our cell can either weigh us down or be dropped giving us the ability to travel light and free. The health of our cell affects the health of the whole. This is where are responsibility to be conscious of the energy we put out into the world comes into play. Whether you are a light and healthy cell or a diseased one is entirely up to you, but it will affect your life and your ability to live, function, and thrive. When one cell dies the whole lives on and the DNA carries with it the ability to regenerate new cells. Try to feel everything beyond life and death.

Feel your oneness with God or the Universe. The word you choose or the path matters not, it is the greatness we are all a part of, whether we are a conscious cell or not. It cannot be explained or defined in words. It is much vaster than all of us. One floating cell in the billions of galaxies amidst the infinite expanding space. Don’t try to put it in a box. We must be careful to use religion as a beautiful path, an open door and not a closed box. The universe it much too vast for us to conceptualize or fully put into words, as is God. Make peace with that. Surrender. Do not resist life. Give up the harmful need to control and define. How can one grow when confined to limits?

Feel your oneness with God, the Universe, like the DNA in each cell. Let that infinite knowledge flow through you, enlighten you, and help you to serve your function. Each cell with an important function, an important purpose.

Whether you are a cell of the heart spreading love, a cell of the brain spreading knowledge, a cell of the lung carrying out breath or the detoxifying liver. Many cells make up each organ, leaving no need to be jealous or envious of any other one. It hinders your purpose, and your ability to help the whole. You are not alone.

When we all work together we create health, harmony, peace, love, and we make up a beautiful masterpiece. Each stroke of brilliant color making up the whole work of divine art. Know yourself. Know who you are to your very core, so that we may all work together as part of the greater one.



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