A Love Note to the World


Dear Earth,

I love you! I think you need to hear it more often. You’re constantly taken for granted, treated badly, and ignored. You give us everything we need, whether or not we return your love. You don’t place expectations on us. You hold us up. You keep us warm. You feed us. You give us life and water. Without you we wouldn’t exist.

We are surrounded by your everlasting beauty, yet we overlook it far too often. You create the best show on earth for us twice daily, yet we rarely watch. You provide music, soothing sounds, although the noise in our heads is so loud we rarely hear. You bring love into our lives, and when we’re lucky we treat that most precious gift with respect and kindness.

We hoard your precious gems when you’ve provided plenty for all. We worry when peace is all around and within. We rush, when you get everything done without the pressure of time.

You continue to be there for us, no matter what we do or how we treat you. Your love is truly the definition of unconditional.

One day too, we will return that unconditional love. I know it is inside of us. That we are capable. Thank you for waiting so patiently.

I’m hoping sooner rather than later…


Wendy Irene


Happy World Water Day!




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