What’s in a Dream

Ever since our daughter turned one, my husband has been ready to start trying for the next one. I was a little reluctant at first, wanting to get more one on one time with Hayden. When she was 14 months, I finally came around to the idea of having another child. It wasn’t until Hayden started showing how independent she was that I realized I was ready for someone to rely on my again as she did when she was just born. I missed having a little baby in the house and Hayden absolutely adores babies, so why not give it a try?

So we did, for several months I calculated my ovulation and when the best time would be to try, but nothing. Every 25 days like clock work I was reminded yet again that this month would not be the month for us and the cycle would start all over again. After a few months of frustration, we decided to give it a break and just org nature take it’s course, if it happened it happened. Read more…



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