Wall Decorating Tips


While the walls in your house are primarily there to serve the basic utilitarian function of dividing up your space, these basic house components do not have to be ho-hum. By decorating your walls, you can transform your rooms into inviting and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Instead of simply hanging some pictures and placing a coat of paint on your walls, try a few creative wall decorating techniques.

Faux Finishes

Give your drywall walls the look of a more expensive and fanciful material with a faux finishing. Use a natural sea sponge to sponge paint your wall and add depth and excitement. You could also purchase a marble finish kit, and use the contents to give your walls the look of cool, crisp marble. Cover all your walls with a detailed finish of this type, or instead create one attention-getting accent wall, painting the other walls a solid, complementary hue.

Magical Murals

Instead of placing artwork on your walls, make the walls pieces of artwork in and of themselves through the addition of murals. Add to the excitement in your space by placing an outdoor scene on one or all your walls. This look is particularly popular in a kid’s room, as it gives these spaces a more whimsical feel. If you are artistically inclined, create these murals yourself. If not, hire it out. Have a professional turn your bland walls into a work of art.

Modern Molding Accents

Add a pop to your walls by placing molding around your space. Add crown molding to the top of your walls to give a classic, refined feel to the space. If decorating a room intended for dining, consider placing a chair rail around the room and painting the walls above and below the chair rail in different hues to add contrast.

Easy-to-Move Adhesives

Add excitement to your walls inexpensively by placing adhesive accents on your walls. Many home supply and decorative specialty stores offer vinyl decals that can be placed on your wall surfaces. Choose ones with a classic scroll pattern to place around your living room or kitchen space, or make your little one’s room a little more fun with a set of sweet cupcake-themed decals like these from Etsy

These wall additions are often removable, making the task of swapping out styles simple and allowing you to avoid the task of repainting.

Family Wall of Fame

Feature the work-of-art that is your family on your wall by creating a family wall of fame. Select a wall in your living or family room, or place your pictures on a prominent hallway wall. Purchase an array of frames of different shapes and sizes. Fill these frames with images of your family members, and arrange them across your wall, placing them close together to produce a collage and to make your family portrait collection more visually appealing.



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