Elyse Walker Supra Sneakers


blog post photoI’m a mom who is always running around and high heels and boots just don’t cut it at a playdate at the park. But – the age old problem – I still want to dress cute and look in style. Tennis shes?  Not always, but check out these cuties.

Supra makes a great shoe (even hightops and sneakers for men and boys are super cool). These high-tops are super hip, fashionable and great for moms on the go.  

Picking up the kids from school and grocery shopping never looked better. I love the color combo of gray with just a hint of pink. Best of all – 100% of the proceeds from this sneaker purchase goes to charity. 

Check out www.elysewalker.com for these limited edition shoes. Contact customer care at 310-230-8882 ext.27 for any questions you have. Again- 100% of the proceeds benefit Cedars-Sinai Women’s Cancer Research Institute. You can’t go wrong with that!

Pick up a pair and support breast cancer awareness at the same time — what could be better than that?



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