My 1 Month Vegan Trial


Approximately 6 weeks ago, I embarked on a one month Vegan trial. I was not satisfied with the food that I was eating, or how I felt physically. More importantly, I did not feel completely conscious of what I was putting into my body. I picked up Dr. Neal Barnard’s 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart to guide and motivate me through the process.
The first week I felt completely cheese deprived. All I wanted was a big slice of pizza with lots of gooey cheese and a latte on the side. Around day 7 I felt myself hit a wall. Somehow I managed to hold it together and by day 8 I woke up feeling refreshed and wanting to continue. It was then that it occurred to me the wall is a significant sign that you are on the verge of change, and if you can just hang on the great door is about to open.
There are many reasons I wanted to try a Vegan diet. The main reason being I wanted whole grains, vegetables and fruit to constitute most of food intake. Veganism seemed like a way to ensure that was happening. I did not want to simply talk the talk; I wanted to walk the walk. That one sentence basically sums up my parenting philosophy.
Before my Vegan journey I was unaware of how much animal product I was taking in. I had no idea that almost all of my meals, even the ones that didn’t contain meat still had a significant amount of animal product. It was a real eye opener for my whole family.
In a world of 6 billion people I do not believe there is one right way to live a healthy lifestyle. Different from the Vegan philosophy, I also really enjoy the food philosophies of Michael Pollan, which you can read about in his book Food Rules. Finding a path that works for you, which makes you feel good, and feels right in your heart, is the best way to go.
Three weeks into my Vegan journey I felt my tastes drastically change. I’ve heard people mention that happening, but the extent that it happened really surprised me. I found myself not wanting the foods I was typically eating before. I started to feel better, had some days of higher energy, and my mind felt a little less clouded. Maybe food really is the best medicine if you choose foods that have the ability to help your body.
When the 1 month mark hit I thought to myself- if I am really happy with the way things are going, why stop now? I believe it is important to live in the moment. Not to stress over what we are going to do in the future or who we may become. All I know is right now I am happy. I am happy and fulfilled eating a Vegan diet, so I want to continue down this road and see where it leads. No need to commit to a lifetime change, just keep going for as long as it feels right.
In the first month of eating a Vegan diet I lost 7 pounds. I ate as much as I wanted so I wasn’t hungry. The only rules I followed were no animal products, and keep oils to a minimum. Eating a Vegan diet even re-sparked my love for baking. The urge to create new healthier meals and treats for my family to enjoy has been strong.
In my own small way, my new reality felt like the line from the bible “The lion shall lie down with the lamb.” Even though I don’t believe a Vegan diet is the only way to live healthy, I think the journey is important to share. There are others out there who are living a lifestyle that isn’t working for them. Sharing our story, our journey, may be an open door for someone who is searching.
Please share your thoughts! What works for you in achieving or maintaining a healthy lifestyle? What do you struggle with?



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