Good Nite Lite


blog post photoNo matter how you cut it, 5 am is still way too early to start my day with my 2 year old.  Not to mention the cranky time that comes later on in the day when you have an exhausted child. 6 am or 6:30 is sooo much better for mom, right?

Kids need regular sleeping patterns for proper development.

Here’s a solution that is helping in my house with my preschooler. This is more than just a night light – it has an automatic timer and changing visual display that projects a dull-lit moon on the wall at night so your child knows it’s time to sleep and a brightly lit sun when it’s time to wake up.  Much easier than trying to teach your 2 year old to tell time, right?

It’s a helpful way to get kids to sleep when they need to.

Plus, the more sleep your child gets, the more sleep mom gets!

Get your kid on a regular sleeping pattern with this amazing Good Nite Lite.



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