Talkatoo Voice Recordable Pendant


blog post photoTalkatoo is adorable!  It’s great for those times when you know your child will be away from you, or you just want to send a little extra special love. 

It’s a great way to tell your kids how much you love them-  even if you’re not around!

Simply record yourself saying something sweet and encouraging — even a simple “Mommy loves you” — and clip this pendant onto your little one’s backpack.  It’s also a necklace for those who want to wear your special message around their neck.

Whenever your kid is feeling homesick or down, he or she can just click this pendant to hear mom or dad’s encouraging voice.

You can re-record a different message every day if you want. Tell them how great you think they are, how proud you are of them, whatever you’d like.

I used it to help transition my preschooler into school.  I left a recording that says how proud I am of her and how much I love her.  She keeps it in her cubby and when she misses me, she plays the recording and feels better about being at school without mommy.

The designs are fun for boys or girls — a flower, heart, monster and more!

Great way to ease the preschool jitters or whenever you kid needs a little bit of encouragement away from home. Also, it’s a cute stocking stuffer or Hannukah gift!

Get a Talkatoo and start recording!



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