Good Shoes for Pregnant Women

You probably already know that stilettos and other high heels are off limits while you are pregnant. The high heels shorten your calf muscles and can cause lower back pain. Shoes with no support, such as flip-flops and fuzzy, flat boots are also not the best choice to wear during pregnancy. You’re not limited to sneakers and other classically “comfy” shoes during your pregnancy, though. Look for low-heeled, stylish shoes that offer plenty of support.

Mary Jane Flats

Ballet flats are cute and may seem like a good idea when you’re pregnant, but you should look for something with a little more security and support, such as the classic flat or low-heeled Mary Jane. The strap across the instep will keep the shoe in place while you walk. Since the heel is low to the ground, your foot strikes the ground at a natural angle. Look for a pair of Mary Janes that have plenty of cushioning, are wide and offer support for your arches. Because you can find Mary Janes in ranging from simple to elegant to bejewelled, you can walk in comfort from the office to a party to a soccer game. As with all shoes in pregnancy, choose a loose fit to accommodate feet that may swell as your pregnancy progresses.

Tall, Low-Heeled Boots

If you are pregnant during the winter, you’ll want a pair of shoes that will keep your feet nice and toasty while giving you the support you need. Look for a sturdy boot that slides on easily, without laces. You won’t want to bend down to fuss with footwear when you’re 7 months pregnant. As with the Mary Janes, select boots with ample cushioning and support for your arches, in a roomy fit. Look for a pair with a 1-inch or lower heel. Choose nonslip soles for security on slippery or icy surfaces.


Perfect for work, the low, stacked heel found on most pairs of loafers will help support your pregnancy weight and help you stay balanced better than a pair of low, kitten-heeled pumps, according to “Parents Magazine.” Look for a pair of loafers with fun touches, such as tassles on the vamp. Look for loafers with rubber soles so that you will be less likely to slip on wet or icy sidewalks and roads.

Slip-On Sneakers

Not all sneakers have laces or Velcro, some slip on your feet, which you will need as your pregnancy progresses and your feet and belly swell. Slip-on sneakers tend to look a little more trendy than traditional athletic shoes, so you won’t look like you’re always ready to go for a run. For a basic everyday look that you could wear to a casual office, look for a pair of black leather slip-ons. Choose a canvas pair in a bright color for the weekend. Make sure the shoes have plenty of cushioning and support for your feet.



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