Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle Line Will Give Your Hair Some Much Needed TLC


What can you do in three minutes? Throw a load of laundry in the washer? Make the beds? How about get stronger healthier hair?

Aussie’s new 3 Minute Miracle Line is a great way to give your hair an emergency RX in no time – which makes it perfect for busy moms!

Here’s the full line of products:

MOIST:  the original formula, infused with Australian Aloe and Jojoba Seed Oil, gives hair the intense hydration it craves to leave locks soft, smooth and manageable while protecting hair from root to tip

STRONG: infused with lotus flower and silk protein, this conditioner works hard to protect long hair against breakage to leave your mane nourished and strong to fight off future damage

SMOOTH: this formula tames tough frizz while moisturizing hair and protecting it from future damage, leaving your mane oh-so-sleek with an infusion of ginseng root and olive oil

COLOR is infused with chamomile and camellia and is made specifically for color-treated hair to keep dynamic color from taking a turn to dull while protecting hair from future damage

SHINE is infused with lemon juice and almond oil. This formula gives lackluster strands an instant sheen, leaving hair soft and touchable while enhancing shine

I’m constantly fighting with tangles and snarls in my rat’s nest hair, so I tried the “Strong” formula and wow, it did wonders. Suddenly I could run a brush through my hair without getting stuck halfway through or pulling out a big chunk.   

So if you want to give your hair a little boost without spending a lot of time or money, Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle Line is just the ticket. Love!



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