Let’s “Return the Favor”


Veterans like Staff Sergeant David Phariss need your help. SSG Phariss is just one of the millions of veterans who have returned home to hardship after serving their country. Unfortunately, the elements of his story are far too common.

Economic Downturn

SSG Phariss returned in 2007 from an 18-month tour in Iraq to a marriage that was ending and a crippling economic downtown that caused him to lose his civilian job as an engineer. Struggling with unemployment and a split household, SSG Phariss was unable to provide for his daughters. Desperate, he volunteered for another tour of duty and was deployed to Afghanistan.

Cut Short

His tour was cut short by a virus that permanently damaged his heart and lungs. He spent more than 60 days in the hospital. When he returned home, he faced a mountain of bills. He worked odd jobs, sold his possessions and cashed in every benefit he had, but it still was not enough. He and his girls faced eviction.

It’s Time to Return the Favor

He then learned about the VFW Foundation. Desperate, he reached out for help through their Unmet Needs program, which provides emergency financial assistance for housing, medical or basic assistance needs to troops, their families and veterans. In less than a month, he had a grant in hand to begin to get back on his feet and give his family some stability.



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