January Astrology Reading


Appropriately named for Janus, the two headed Roman god of beginnings and endings, January is that doorway into the year ahead, from 2011 to 2012.

We are, let us not forget, in the time of Capricorn, the goat with the slow but steady climb up the mountain, who finds that his long suffered endurance usually pays off in the end. In the meantime, be entertained by his dry humor and sharp wit.

Contrary to the  many dire predictions of catastrophe and destruction, an overview of 2012 from the Vedic (Hindu astrology) perspective, indicates a better year than the preceding one. The year begins with an auspicious “yoga” or combination of planets that has the blessing of the goddess  Saraswati, ruler of the arts and higher learning.

The ”Januaries”, as I like to think of  them, are usually devoted to those Saturnian pursuits of order, resolve and disciplined  action. This year doesn’t disappoint And with the addition of  Mars in Virgo  which encourages  fitness, health and oh, yes, a balanced checkbook — it makes for an especially strong planetary assist to any goal setting thoughts you may have. It’s almost hard to lose with this combo of  earth signs calling for  universal structure and order.

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January 7’s entertaining Gemini moon makes way for the full moon of the 8th- 9th, which falls in a very beautiful part of Cancer. Called “Punarvasu” in the Vedic tradition, this  fortunate lunar placement is  devoted to the idea of renewal and restoration and protection from enemies.

The watery Cancerian full moon lends some emotional sensitivity to the day with its preponderance of air (mental )and earth (practical,) planets. It’s a beautiful full moon and it should make for a really pleasant weekend.  The energy stays in orb for a day or two and the 9th, Princess Kate Middleton’s 30th birthday, is also the day that Mercury moves into Capricorn at 10:30 pm. Reality like, tax preparation, for example, will prevail.

Cancer moons always emphasize nurturing, however that corresponds in your life, whether it’s your relationship to your own mother or your own style of being a mom.  By later Monday, the connection to Saturn may bring sensitive feelings to the fore. Cancer is hugely security minded so finances are up for review here also.

Jan 13th -14th are especially auspicious days for signing papers for a new home, or even beginning an important project in your home. The helpful angle between Mercury and Pluto as well as that between Venus and Saturn indicate a perfect time to incorporate or even  launch a new business venture.

Also on these key days, Venus’ matchup first to Neptune in late Aquarius, then Chiron, in early Pisces, will add some glamour and insight, a much welcomed bright light and even a spark of romance to boot. It is wise to beware that love projections and reality might be two different species here, no matter how magical it may seem, for you early Pisces suns and moons in particular.

If your birthday lands between these dates, the 13-14th  of January, lucky you!

Mars’ sojourn through Virgo, for the first six months of 2012, brings a certain quest for order and form to the year. Mars has been “scorching” the earth of Virgos for a few months and there’s more to go. Most of the sign will feel these effects. It can be a good thing, an activating and productive force and I have seen some of my Virgo friends lately stretching themselves to accomplish their higher goals.

Monday, the 16th, is a heart opener in some respects with the Moon Saturn (7;20 am PST) conjunction’s  reflective mood inviting an assessment of one’s life and attitudes. Feeling are churned up by the moon’s trine to Neptune then its passage into Scorpio with a nod to Venus in Pisces.

Specific birthdays:

Should your day of birth be the 19th, and if this is your birthday, well, it’s going to take all your inner resources to handle the obstacles presented. October 18-20,  April 18-20 and July 18-20 birthdays have been feeling this oppression for a while. Know that it will leave for good next Fall, and oftentimes blocking aspects can drive one to succeed. The Mars and Mercury trine however does will aid your means of expression for the entire year and later, in May, Jupiter will bring assistance.

If yours is an early Capricorn birthday, December 24 – 31st,you have already experienced some large shifts in your life, and this year will bring a few more, but with the Jupiter aspect right now, there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

June and December 1-4th birthdays are most likely experiencing some difficulty with authority figures, or difficulty with one’s offspring and close family members.  These are matters complex and  very significant. My advice is to take the Zen approach and lay low until  the aspect  passes  in a few weeks.  This applies to a moon or mars in these same degrees  of Sag and Gemini.  Be especially watchful  and careful  near the 23d, 24th of the month.

The great thing about astrology is that you can see aspects coming – and going

December, September, March and  June 7-11 birthdays may find tempers flaring and patience thinning, but be aware that this friction with Martian fire can bring difficult moments. Keep in mind that these situations can sometimes bring out the  higher side of ourselves and we end up surprised that heck, we did it!

Early Aries March 23 – 25 and Pisces birthdays are undergoing their own special brand of transition. For the Arians, it brings a dose of unique energy triggering thoughts you may have never had, maybe too much excitement ? For the early Pisceans, Feb 19-22, radical change and a new kind of sensitivity moves your hearts. It can present a great opportunity for spiritual renewal if you view these transits the right way.

For those of you with birthdays close to the new moon, Jan 23, 24, it looks to be a year of figuring things out, matters will have finally come  to a head.

In my efforts to not trivialize astrology, and should your specific birthday not have been covered this time, know that I include only the most targeted birthdays. Because all of these major aspects land in your chart for the month, in what’s called a “lunar return, all the larger aspects  will therefore apply to everyone, no matter where you are.

The Dragon’s year is entering with some ferocity and determination.

Because the New Moon, Jan 23d 11:39 pm PST, heralding the Year of the Dragon, is a moment greatly anticipated by Chinese astrologers, many births  are planned to coincide with this  year.  Hello out there, you Dragon babies, in 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000. Many of you are members of  the strong survivors’ club, and have overcome great difficulties in your private lives.

January 23d, the Aquarian new moon, a sign associated with brilliance and innovation, is symbolized Vedically by the tusk of  an elephant, with the  name of  Uttara Shada. The most prized part of the elephant, its tusk, can be a warlike weapon, a valued item and also a writing utensil. Fighting with sword or pen, either way, this new moon has it’s horns out and on the eve of the Mars retrograde… The next few weeks should see some strong words and actions on a personal and global scale.

Later in January, Mercury’s square to Saturn on the 27th casts doubt and suspicion to important matters, and if you are a very late Libran or Aries, around April or October 17 to 21, you know what I mean. The pressures you’ve been dealing with for a while, are just not letting up- yet.

Finally, the 28th brings some relief, and with Mercury arriving into Aquarius, a shift in attitudes prevail, the moon, with its sextile to Uranus in Aries  encourages brilliance. The moon then comes back to a delightful place in Taurus along with Jupiter. So nice for early Taurus, and Virgo birthdays and  moon sign degrees early in these signs.

The 31st, with a lovely Venusian aspect to the moon, can leave us with an upbeat mood, another happy birthday if this is your natal day.

Astrology can become very personal and meaningful if you can find out your moon and rising sign at the very least.. (the link to Lunarium should help with this quest).

Days of power and action in the month ahead are:   January 7th , 8th, 9th, January 12th,13th, 16th, 20th, 22nd, 23d, and 30th.

Now, about those Mayans, whose culture and population disappeared overnight somewhere between the 8th and 9th centuries.  A friend of mine recently down in Peru, met with some Mayan  descendants and their attitude was one of slight amusement at the whole frenzy up North. But, if there is some money to be made they’re happy to comply and acknowledge their place in history and their ”calendar”.

The dispute seems to be, did it already reset itself some years ago, are we still in their ”end times”? The dates are in question as to the actual Mayan Long count calendar, is it 50 to 100 years off?

2012 has 2 solar eclipses May 20th and November 13th. We will discuss these more as we approach the May event.

As far as the astrology for December 21, 2012, there is s nothing unusual, no major significant aspects, no eclipse triggered, not several quincunxes like the ’94 earthquake, no huge line up of 6 planets in one sign, like the May 2000 eclipse and harbinger of the market crash, NOTHING!

Except for a little square from Uranus to the Sun, which we’ve seen before occurring several times in any calendar year. There may be some catastrophes like every other year, but the Mayan calendar as far as we know, merely resets, like Y2K, that’s all.

The more interesting story occurs in 2013when Saturn meets up with the north node in Scorpio and the ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto  continues until 2015. These are the key points signaling the major planetary shifts economically and politically that are  already happening. We saw  three despots meet their end  in 2011. Rest assured, in 2012, the poles won’t flip, but will stay nailed  to their north and south axis, just like they are right now. Really.

Stay tuned for the Aquarian cosmic happenings in next month’s issue.

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