Indecent Exposure: My High School Dress Code Infraction


When I was in high school in the late 80’s, we had a strict dress code that included no shorts, no skirts shorter than your fingertips when your arms were extended straight down, no hats, no halter tops, and if I am not mistaken, no tank tops. Any student that did not abide by these dress codes set forth by the school was sent home immediately.

Most of the time, I abided by the school rules. The only exception I can remember was during one of those hot June weeks, where it didn’t matter if you were laying on top of the air-conditioner, naked and covered in ice, you still couldn’t get cooled off. I wanted to wear shorts so badly but I knew I’d risk being sent home.

Since it was the end of the school year, I decided to take a chance. Why not? I enlisted a classmate of mine – I’ll call her “Hot *ss” – who was notorious for wearing short skirts, but never go sent home (my suspicion was that it had something to do with the fact that she was hot). I asked Hot *ss if she’d support me if our teacher sent me to the dean’s office, basically asking her to be my “Exhibit A” and not surprisingly she agreed. Hot *ss was fun, and a daring gal.

The whole thing started because I wanted to wear shorts, but it quickly became a bigger project. Now I wanted to prove the point that wearing shorts was not racy, and definitely not as racy as Hot *ss’ skirt.  If I was to be sent home, then so should she! Why should I be discriminated against because I wasn’t as, well, hot as Hot *ss? A big issue for an 18 year old girl to tackle, but I was brave.

The next day I arrived at school, I couldn’t wait to get to class wearing my shorts. When I walked in the classroom door, I didn’t even have a chance to sit at my desk, the teacher immediately sent me to the dean’s office. I didn’t go quietly, oh no I didn’t! I went kicking and screaming with Hot *ss in tow.

I had a point to prove.

In the dean’s office, I pleaded my case, extended my arms to display that my shorts were way longer than my fingertips and actually went below my knees (don’t judge me it was the fashion!). I showed off my Exhibit A, trotted around as my show pony making her extend her arms to indicate that her skirt were much shorter than my shorts. As the dean was spitting out the words to send me home, and Hot *ss back to class, I stopped him mid-sentence and made her turn around, bend down and touch her toes, exposing her admittedly hot rear end. It was at that moment when the dean knew what he had to do. “Pack up your books, you’re both being sent home for indecent exposure,” he said.

Justice was served. My point was made and Hot *ss and I went to lunch to celebrate our victory… and for getting out of school.

Flash forward to 2012 and the latest controversy in the news – Miss Sydney Spies, a high school senior whose racy photos were rejected by her high school yearbook committee.

Personally, I think that her claims of discrimination and her protest against the “censorship of her freedom of expression” are just plain ridiculous. I realize that she’s 18 and just like me at that age, thinks she has a point to prove – but racy is racy. She claims that the pictures represent her personality, and the photos are artistic… really!? Sydney’s mom Miki should be ashamed at herself for pimping out her young daughter. The duo claim that Sydney is trying to become a model, but in my opinion, with  racy photos like these the only modeling gig she’ll get is the back page of a porn magazine.

My last bit of advice to these two gals: “Pack up your books, you’re being sent home for indecent exposure.”



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