Crushing On Moms


What’s a mom crush?

It’s not wishing some fabulous woman was your mother. It’s not when moms have crushes on their kids friends. (Or vice versa.) According to Alison Keinert, creator of, it’s like this:

Mom Crush: Having an overwhelming attraction to a mom. It’s not sexual, it’s a hint of envy, and its loads of admiration! She is the one you simultaneously want to impress and want to hate. She takes care of her kids and looks good doing it!

You got that right. One mom having a crush on another. (If you’re a dude reading this just click away right now and save yourself the disappointment. It’s not like that.)

Mom crushes are important when you’re just starting out with little kids. They can help you make friends and I’d argue nothing is more important – especially in the early days of motherhood. They can also inspire you. And inspiration keeps you sane, gets you out of bed, coaxes you to blow out that mess on top of your head. Mom crushes show us that we can still be smart, fun, stylish and sexy – even if we are soaked in soy solids and reeking of yesterdays mashed bananas.

Alison Kleinert wanted to honor all the moms out the crush-worthy moms out there, those who motivate others to be their best, hottest, cutest and crushingest – just by being themselves. That’s why she and longtime mom crush Karina Lepiner created Crushworthy Moms, a website dedicated to celebrating fabulous moms in real life.

“Our goal for crushworthymoms is to inspire other moms to find out what their passionate about and pursue it!” It’s all about encouraging moms to be their best and not feel guilty about having something in their life that is theirs alone. “It makes us better moms!”

Word, sister.

So what makes a mom crushworthy? “A crushworthy mom is simply another mom that you just LIKE, usually because she is living her life with passion and enjoying what she is doing.”

Kleinert believes that which we envy is what we want to create in our own lives. “As moms we can all learn from each other. We all have our little tips and tricks.”

Crushworthy Moms shares all those little things that help make us feel fabulous. “We want to build a community of moms that want more than to get through the day. Karina and I both lost a little bit of ourselves when we were home raising our kids. We wanted to find ourselves again by being passionate about what we were doing and meet other inspiring moms.”

Crushworthy Moms recently featured Kim Hill, an original member of the Black Eyed Peas who is getting her music career back on track after having a baby. Soon they will profile Haley Fox, who opened Alice’s Tea Cup, and Trish Wescoat Pound, a designer with Haute Hippie. And me. They deemed me and my beauty tips crushworthy. And for that, I’ll be forever infatuated.



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