5 Things Moms Say Farewell To Once They Have Kids


For those of us that are parents, I don’t have to tell you that the very moment you have a child, your life changes immediately. Duh, right? You are suddenly responsible for the well-being of another human. It is no longer about just you but about that innocent child you just brought into the world.

We all want to give our children everything and we really do try our best. BUT, something has to give. You end up sacrificing things, simple things that you once took for granted before you had children. So, if you want to know what it is like to be a mom… Here are some things you can say farewell to.

Privacy:  You will never be alone again. Not on the toilet, not in the shower, not when getting dressed, and not in your bed. You will learn to do just about everything with a child up in your business. You also get to enjoy the lovely and honest comments they make about your body. Kids are brutally honest. Any flaw will be pointed out…sometimes they are things you didn’t even realize!

“Your” Purse: Your purse is no longer your own. It will contain far more of other people’s belongings than your own. This thing will become the catch all for pretty much everything. It will be filled with diapers, wipes, clothes, toys, crayons, water, snacks, crumbs (more crumbs that you have ever imagined), binky, socks, and God knows what else. Once it goes in, it may be lost forever. The only thing you won’t have in your purse is money!

Silence: Say goodbye to quiet. You may never experience it again…at least not for a very long time. The volume level will be at an all-time high most of the time.  If you do get to experience silence,something must be wrong. Silence is usually your first clue that they are getting into trouble. For a split second you may think that they are playing nicely together…but then you come to your senses and wonder what kind of horrible trouble are they getting into. Sometimes the moment of silence might just be worth the aftermath.

Nice Things: For at least the next decade (sometimes longer) you will not have anything nice. Everything you own is beat to hell. It is stained, scratched, dented, and dinged. Cars, walls, furniture…you name it. If it is not ruined yet, just wait. It is only a matter of time. Kids will eventually destroy everything.

Talking to Adults:  From the moment you have kids, talking to other adults changes. You are either talking about your kids, talking about their kids, or being interrupted 10,000 times by your own kids. They always need something immediately the second you start a conversation with anyone. You will be blurting out “Stop that! “Don’t lick that!” “Get off that!” in the middle of any conversation no matter how serious the topic may be.

Although all of these things aren’t necessarily pleasant and some are downright disgusting, being a mom really is wonderful. It is a gift to watch my children grow, learn, and change every day. Yes, things are different than before I had children. But that is ok.